Nethermane is a permadeath World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Private Server. Once you die, you are no longer eligible to receive a resurrection from another player, you cannot resurrect at spirit healers and you cannot revive at your own body. The only exception being Battlegrounds. Once dead, you stay dead! How far will YOU get?!

Inspiration & Motivation
Nethermane has been inspired by the Season of Mastery for the Classic branch, specifically the community that plays the game hardcore. We thought, that this must be an amazing thing, to build a realm around. Knowing Blizzard would never actually make a realm like this, we thought we'd give it a go. It doesn't take many changes/edits to the core, to create something like this.

We ❤️ Vanilla-flavor
Despite being a realm, or server if you will, with a custom aspect to it, we despise changing anything beyond what Blizzard intended. We do not wish to heavily modify upon the intended experience, we have a few modifications here and there, which you can read more about here.

We are aware, that the game contains a few unobtainable items. This gives us reason to give away these items, by doing events to give these items to the community. As we aren't taking any donations, we have decided that these COSMETIC items, can be given through events and giveaways.


set realmlist
# Player /Played Level Score
1 Hubris
6 days 9 hours 77 493
2 Death
4 days 1 hours 80 440
3 Auz
2 days 17 hours 69 355
4 Ixion
4 days 18 hours 47 326
5 Zeef
2 days 5 hours 65 325
6 Oki
2 days 13 hours 57 302
7 Dia
3 days 22 hours 47 301
8 Kazman
3 days 2 hours 48 282
9 Elsanna
0 days 17 hours 62 269
10 Dontkillme
1 days 22 hours 52 264